May 22, 2015 SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Walking U.S. perimeter to get to center of homeless problem - CLICK Picture
July, 13 2015 EUGENE, OR.  (KVAL 13) - 'How do they know what the homeless people need?' - CLICK Picture
April, 4 2015 News West (NBC 9) - He's walking the perimeter of the U.S. to bring awareness to homelessness. CLICK Picture
August 14, 2015 PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU 2) -- A man from Virginia is walking around the entire country in an effort to raise awareness for homelessness. CLICK Picture
Nov 09, 2015 Fargo, ND. (KVLY 11) -- Man walking perimeter of America for the homeless. CLICK Picture
Dec 17, 2015  Chippewa Falls, WI. (WQOW 18) -- Man makes stop in Chippewa Falls as he walks across America to raise money for homelessness awareness. CLICK Picture